Thanks to VF Community Member Mark Maestas for putting this tutorial together.

Skill Transfer Sequence for manual rebuilds:  

This option entails: 

  • manually building the skill in Voiceflow
  • Testing in ADC (pass through Certification tab)
  • Requesting reassignment of the Amazon Skill ID
  1. Rebuild the skill in Voiceflow. For the VF skill, use a different, temporary invocation name. This makes testing easier without conflicting with your live skill. The temporary invocation name can be in the publishing page as part of the initial "upload to Alexa." Or change it to a temporary name in the ASK Console / Build tab and save/rebuild.  Upload to Alexa while building/testing, as needed. 
  2. Fill out the publishing information but do not publish.  
  3. After testing is completed, change the temporary invocation name to the correct one in the ASK Console and then save/rebuild. The invocation name of the VF skill should match the live skill. Also make sure the invocation name is correct in the VoiceFlow / Publish Settings page. Do not publish yet.  
  4. Copy your Amazon Skill ID for your live skill into your clipboard or onto a document.  
  5. Inform the Voiceflow team that your skill is ready for transfer by sending them a message with your live skill's Amazon Skill ID and the new Voiceflow project name. 
  6. The team will update your VF skill with your live skill's Amazon Skill ID.
  7. Once they've confirmed the ID is swapped, then Publish. Be sure to select the correct region(s). Note that you can select and publish to the five English regions at once, as an option. Finish by answering the questions and adding your test plan. This will submit for certification. You should receive an email that your skill is in review. 
  8. After you get confirmation your skill is certified, test the live skill.  
  9. Delete old skill from the Invocable dashboard, just to be safe and avoid any problems related to an accidental push.
  10. Delete any orphan skill versions that may still be residing in the Amazon ASK console. Most likely this would be the version generated by VoiceFlow before swapping the skill ID to the live version.

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