Last updated December 29th, 2018

What you'll learn

  • What Start blocks are and how they work
  • How Start blocks work within flows

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What are Start blocks?

The Start block is the main block in your project, and the only one that cannot be deleted. Think of the Start block like the jumping off point for your Alexa skill - every time a user opens your skill, they start from the Start block.

With some exceptions if you're using Session Management - but that's another topic.

How do Start blocks work?

When a user starts your skill, the Start block is activated. However, the Start block does not actually do anything itself - it's merely the starting place. The only thing you need to do with the Start bloc connect it to the beginning of your Skill.

Having multiple Start blocks in one project

Each flow only has one Start block which cannot be deleted. Your project can technically have multiple Start blocks if it has multiple flows. However, your ROOT flow's Start block is the original Start block that launches the project. Sub-flow Start blocks are the Start blocks which begin that particular sub-flow.

Start block deletion

The start block cannot be deleted, and holds no other information other than a note telling you to connect it to your first block.

Disconnected Start blocks

If the start block is not connected to anything, the project will automatically close when opened.

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