Last updated January 9th, 2019

What you'll learn 

  • How to pull emails, phone numbers, and names from users
  • Use the Customer Profile API (Alexa)
  • Access user Amazon profile information

Video tutorial

Permissions block overview
The permissions block allows you to ask users for information from their Amazon account - such as their email, name, and phone number. For more technical users, this uses the Alexa Customer Profiles API. 

Users will be given a permissions card when downloading your skill asking for their info. Users can accept, or decline to give you their permissions - and which ones they do give. 

Permitted user emails, phone numbers, and names are stored in variables set by the creator.

Success block port
The success block port is not labeled. When permissions are granted, and transferred to your selected variables, the skill will follow the success path.

Decline block port
When users decline to give your skill the requested permissions - the skill will follow the decline block port.

Failed block port
The failed block port will activate when the permissions request fails, not because the user denied your request but because it failed to retrieve the information. 

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