Last updated March 19th, 2019

What You'll Learn 🧠

  • How to make your project more organized with the Combine block.

What the Combine Block Does

The Combine block allows you to combine multiple blocks into one 'combined block.' 

So we can go from this 😐

to this 😄

Note: integrating combine blocks does not effect the performance of your skill, the sole purpose of this block is for organizing your canvas. 

How to Create a Combine Block

Combine blocks can be created by dragging two blocks (that are compatible) on top of each other.

How the Combine Block Works

The combine block "links blocks" together for you. For example, normally, you would have to connect the blocks below with connector lines.

With the combine block, the underlying blocks are still connected, but in a more compact display.

The last block in the Combine block will have its outbound port available for use. If there is a block with multiple outbound ports (i.e. a choice block) that block will always take the last spot in the combine block.

Renaming Combine Blocks

To add context to what the entire block is accomplishing, we can rename our combine block. Right-click on the combine block to have the 'Rename' option appear.

How to Dismantle a Combine Block

To dismantle a combine block, simply drag the underlying blocks out of the combine block and onto your canvas.

Compatible Blocks

A combine block can only have one block with more than one outbound port. 

What does this mean? 🤔
Blocks that divide the user's path (Choice, If, Interaction, etc) have multiple ports leading out of the block. Within the combine block, you can only have ONE of these types of blocks and it must be the final underlying block.

These are all the blocks that can only be used once per combine block, and will always be the last block in the group:

  • Choice block
  • IF block
  • Random block
  • Interaction block

Blocks With a FAIL Port

Blocks with a FAIL port do NOT count as this port is only activated when the block fails. However, there can be cases where if you expect the block to fail (such as an API call) - you should not use a combine block and should hook the fail port up to a subsequent block.

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